“Lichtzwart, diepwit”

September 2019: 
“Lichtzwart, diepwit”, group show with  Frank Halmans, Renato Nicolodi, Reinoud Van Vught, Gevaertsdreef 01, Oudenaarde. Curators: Lut Pil and Erwin Keustermans.

Some of the art works were specifically made for the show. Also, an edition of 10 objects made collectively by the 4 artists was sold to support the artist led space.

Pictures from the show (photography by Filip Erkens, Arthur Van den Storme, Erwin Keustermans, Marleen Keustermans)

Pictures from the publication, concept and texts: Lut Pil, photography Filip Erkens
Link to the publication (in Dutch)